At AUS-IAS we offer a range of short courses and courses to suit business. These courses are non-accredited over one to five days, giving the skills required by industry. Contact us for more information.

Short Courses

Autodesk® Revit®

Autodesk Revit® is a type of BIM software; a tool that is for the
architectural design professions, specifically architects, structural engineers, and building systems engineers (MEP- mechanical, electrical, plumbing). This is demonstrated via the three types of Revit®: Revit® Architecture, Revit® Structure, and Revit® MEP.

Revit® is prolific in the AEC industry. A large majority of architecture/ engineering firms use Revit®. It is also increasingly being utilized by the construction side, with many projects and firms requiring BIM deliverables.

Autodesk® AutoCAD®

AutoCAD is a 2-D and 3-D computer-aided drafting software
application used in architecture, construction and manufacturing to assist in the preparation of blueprints and other engineering plans.
AutoCAD users work in a number of specialties.

• Mechanical - prepare plans for machinery/mechanical devices.
• Architectural - draw plans for residential/commercial buildings.
• Civil - draw plans for use in the design/building projects.
• Electrical - prepare diagrams of wiring electrical system layouts.
• Electronics - prepare wiring diagrams for use in the making, installing and repairing of electronic gadgets

Autodesk® Inventor®

Autodesk Inventor a 3D mechanical solid modelling design software developed by Autodesk to create 3D digital prototypes. Used for 3D mechanical design, design communication, tooling creation and product simulation. Enables users to produce accurate 3D models to aid in designing, visualizing and simulating products before they are built.
Inventor incorporates integrated motion simulation and assembly stress analysis. Options allow users to input driving loads, dynamic components, friction loads and further run the dynamic simulation to test how the product will function in a real-world scenario. These simulation tools enable users designing cars or automotive parts, for example, to optimize the strength and weight of a product, identify high-stress areas, identify and reduce unwanted vibrations, and even size motors to reduce their overall energy consumption.

Autodesk® Inventor® HSM (CAD/CAM)
Two (2) day course

Inventor® HSM CAD/CAM solution helps CNC programmers,
designers, and engineers rapidly produce machined parts designed in virtually any CAD system. In addition to all the standard toolpath strategies for milling and turning operations, Inventor® HSM includes advanced features such as adaptive clearing, integrated simulation and verification tools, and a powerful post-processor system to help you achieve higher productivity, increased profits, and shorter time-to-market.

This course covers Job setup, tooling, drilling, 2D & 3D milling, tool path simulation and code generation to enable you to easily create toolpaths for your products.

Adobe After Effects &
Visual Effects Workshop

This hands-on visual effects workshop will introduce you to the exciting world of post-production visual effects. If you’ve ever wondered how Hollywood put men on Mars, this introductory workshop will take you through the process of keying, masking and compositing still and motion graphics to create realistic video compositions. Ideally suited for anyone interested in learning Adobe After Effects, you will explore the fundamentals of compositing and motion graphics techniques. This course also provides the foundation skills for the Intermediate and Advanced visual effects post-production workshops which go deeper into After Effects tools such as tracking and colour grading.

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