Beginners Photography Course

This course is designed to get you off the Auto setting and onto some manual settings that allow you to use your creativity to the fullest, so if you are a beginner, or have just bought a DSLR camera and a wondering what all those wheels and buttons do, then this course is for you. During the 3 hour class, you will learn how to shoot creatively and confidently by controlling the aperture, shutter speed and ISO functions of your camera. Discover how to use the various manual modes of your camera, as well as controlling depth of field, freezing and bluring moving subjects.


What you will learn:

During the 3 hour class students will learn how to creatively use their camera functions, control exposure in various light conditions, focal length/perspective, depth of field, ISO, white balance and the aperture/shutter relationship. How to creatively compose your photograph by using the rule of thirds and other concepts will also be discussed.

Students will need to bring the following:

  • Digital Camera (DSLR - with ability to manually control shutter/aperture)
  • Fully charged batteries
  • Formatted SD cards with some empty space to photograph
  • Rain jacket or umbrella (if it looks like rain)
  • Camera Manual
  • External Flash (optional)