Engineering Courses

MEM60112 - Advanced Diploma of Engineering

MEM50212 - Diploma of Engineering

MSA30208 - Certificate III in Manufacturing Technology (CAD)

Your engineering career path starts here.

These high level qualifications will give you the specialised technical skills and knowledge to launch your engineering career.

Engineers are the bedrock of a technological society. All the technology we take for granted today, satellites, aircraft, racing cars, mobile phones, renewable energy, hydro-power has been engineered by engineers.

Engineering provides solutions to problems, how to send and land probes on other planets, clean polluted water supplies, extract minerals, and prevent radiation from leaking from a nuclear reactor.

These solutions involve the use of science, physics, mathematics, design, materials technology, all subject areas that an engineer needs to know.

We are a developed technological connected society due to engineering.

Our courses prepare you for entering into this exciting creative world.

Please note our Engineering Qualifications are of a para-professional level and not a trade qualification.


MEM60112 - Advanced Diploma of Engineering

The Advanced Diploma of Engineering is a course that is well-recognised by industry in Australia. It prepares students to enter Industry as para-professional engineers, and there is significant unmet demand for Engineers at this level in Industry. The subjects in the Advanced Diploma of Engineering have been carefully selected to ensure that the skills and knowledge being learned is current and relevant to the demands of industry. Given the skills requirements for this course, our full-time course is facilitated face to face, over 2 years, by our highly skilled lecturers. This ensures that students have the opportunity to achieve the best possible outcomes from their studies. It gives our students the leading edge to gain employment within the industry. And to help our students achieve optimum outcomes, AUS-IAS offers additional tutorial time for those who would like additional assistance with their studies.

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MEM50212 - Diploma of Engineering - Technical

This course covers units for working in the mechanical and manufacturing fields at a para-professional level. You will advance your skills in mathematics, materials science, engineering drawing and computing, as well as management strategies. This course emphasises the transfer of theoretical concepts to practical real world applications to put you in the best position to advance your career.

Successful completion of this course will build your skills to a para-professional level and allow you to seek employment as an engineering technician. It will also put you on the path to further study by either completing the ten additional units to gain the Advanced Diploma of Engineering or continue to university with credit towards a Bachelors degree.

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MSA30208 - Certificate III in Manufacturing Technology - Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)

This course is designed to give you knowledge and skills in Computer Aided Drafting and Mechanical Engineering to place you as a drafter in an engineering environment. This course is offered both full-time and part-time.

Note: This is a para-professional engineering course, leading to a technical position within engineering companies. At AUS-IAS we offer the CAD/Drafting stream of the qualification however, students can elect to complete the units offered by us from other streams of study.

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Don't be Fooled – The Real Costs Associated with courses at other colleges

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Other colleges have addition costs which require you to purchase things like:

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  • Equipment Kit ($55 + $18/month for cloud services)

At Australian Institute of Advanced Studies everything is included in the cost of your course. You get to use the computers for course related work at anytime during business hours for the whole time you are studying your course, free of charge! You have access to full colour printers/copiers for course related work, free of charge! Your student ID is included and access to Microsoft 365 from anywhere is free of charge! (See course details for what's included in each course).


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