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CUA51015 - Diploma of Screen & Media

CUA31015 - Certificate III in Screen & Media

Your screen and media career path starts here.

These qualifications will give you the specialised technical skills to launch your screen and media career.

Digital technology and the internet provide opportunities for digital content creators to carve out a place for themselves in the changing digital media landscape. Our courses in creative industries provide students with the skills and knowledge to become innovators in the growing digital economy. At AIAS our Creative industries offerings include, Screen and Media, Graphic Design, Photoimaging and Visual Arts. Our approach is that creative excellence should be nurtured. We foster creative excellence by providing a strong educational base, access to training, mentors and skills development, pathways into industry and professional practice, and ongoing career development.

Screen and Media

In our internet-centric and e-commerce world, digital video content is King. It is the present - and future - of all business and product marketing. When you consider that by 2020, digital video will constitute over fifty percent of all mobile traffic - and up to eighty percent of all web traffic, businesses and entrepreneurs must now embrace video as their primary and most effective marketing tool.

Ninety percent of all major product marketing now uses video as the central component to their campaigns and learning how to create, manage and distribute digital video content, is becoming the all-important strategy for business in the 21st Century. The goal is engagement with your customers. Digital video advertising has been shown to be six hundred percent more effective in marketing a product or idea than print and direct mail combined.

Our Screen and Media and Graphic Design courses offer hands-on training in originating and developing concepts for your brand or product, learning to develop engaging content and creating professional, effective and engaging video for product marketing, promotion and presentations. In addition, you can learn cutting edge practices for design and web marketing, producing visually engaging tools for commercial use and become proficient in using design, typography, video and photomedia for promotion and marketing.

With three hundred hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, two billion video views on Snapchat daily and four billion daily streams on Facebook, now is the best time to learn to create digital content and use it as the major tool to drive sales for your product or business idea.

CUA51015 - Diploma of Screen and Media

This Diploma in Screen & Media is designed for people who are genuine about a career as a digital content creator for traditional and online markets. Digital technology and the internet have disrupted traditional models of media production and distribution and this course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to enable you to take advantage of the growth of video in online markets. This Diploma in Screen & Media focuses on developing the practical skills and knowledge required for independent digital video production.  Students will be responsible for pre-production, production and post-production on a range of projects.

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Course Requirements

To be awarded a Diploma of Screen and Media, competency must be achieved in all fifteen (15) units.

Core Units

CUAIND502 Maintain and apply creative arts industry knowledge

CUAPPR505 Establish and maintain safe creative practice

BSBCRT501 Originate and develop concepts


CUACAM401 Shoot a wide range of screen content

CUAANM402 Create digital visual effects

CUAANM403 Create titles for screen productions

CUAPOS502 Perform primary and secondary colour correction

CUAPOS401 Edit screen content for fast turnaround

CUAPOS501 Edit complex screen productions

CUASOU410 Record sound on location

CUASOU408 Edit dialogue

CUARES402 Conduct research

CUAAIR401 Conduct interviews

CUAWRT502 Develop storyline and treatments

CUAWRT402 Write extended stories

*The course unit selection may change without notice.

CUA31015 - Certificate III in Screen and Media

This Certificate III in Media gives students the practical skills required to create digital video content for online distribution (YouTube, VIMEO), community reporting, short film production for competition or festivals, and special event videography. It combines specialist screen production units with photoimaging units to give students a solid grounding in the use of DSLRs for photography and videography.  This qualification provides students with the opportunity to become expert users of their own digital media production kit and the underpinning skills, knowledge and tools required to become independent digital content producers. 

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Course Requirements

To be awarded a Certificate III in Media, competency must be achieved in all eleven (11) units.

Core Units

BSBCRT301 Develop and extend critical and creative thinking skills

BSBWHS201 Contribute to health and safety of self and others

CUAIND301 Work effectively in the creative arts industry


CUAPHI302 Capture photographic images

CUAPHI303 Process photoimages to work-print and file stage

CUADIG303 Produce & prepare photo images

CUACAM302 Rig camera infrastructure

CUACAM301 Shoot material for screen productions

CUASOU202 Perform basic sound editing

CUADIG301 Prepare video assets

CUAPOS201 Perform basic vision and sound editing

*The course unit selection may change without notice.


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